Hello stranger,

welcome to my website!

My name is Jochen, born 1975 in Dusseldorf, germany. Grown up nearby, for over twenty years I live in the north of Dusseldorf, am happily married and have a son and a daughter. My father – a passionate amateur photographer – gave me my first analog SLR camera for my 13th birthday. Since then, photography has always accompanied me, without me ever having dealt with it in depth.

After the “digital revolution” , I tried out new models every now and then, from compact to SLR. Before the birth of my son, I then looked for something of reasonably compact size and the possibilities of a SLR camera. So I came to the system cameras, with which I shot my photos ever since – even with some of my lenses from the analog time, which are perfectly adaptable to the new systems.

Since 2017  I am more into photography again. Of course, I search for many of my motifs in my city. And since I work in frontend development, it was obvious to start a photoblog about it. Here I will regularly publish my photos from and about Dusseldorf, mostly in black and white.

It is a hobby, I raise no claim to professionalism. If someone likes my pictures – I’m glad. If not – I don’t care.

And now take a walk around and have fun!